So much of what is a part of me is watching, observing....soaking in all of the precious moments of life. The simple things. Now, I am watching, waiting once again; for I am expecting. So much of life is appreciated by children. The world opens itself up to them & they see it for what it is......magic.

My son is ten years old so there will be quite a jump between the two, but I think it's a good thing. My son had me all to himself for ten years (& he had me in my prime LOL). So, as my body gets used to the changes, I hope to spend more time documenting, observing.....& expecting ;~)

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    so SO happy for you! I
    wish I could be there to
    help pull your hair back
    as you go through the "fun"
    part of your expectancy. ;D
    Big hugs to you MissySue!


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